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Washington Express Visas provides expedited visa and passport services to all of the Embassies in Washington DC.

Washington Express Visas will provide you with the specific requirements and what documentation is needed to enter into any foreign country.  Instead of trying to wade through multiple websites trying to figure it all out, let our knowledgeable visa services staff walk you through the process step-by-step, making sure that you have all of the correct documentation, and then working on your behalf directly with the Embassy to get your visa application submitted and processed accurately and efficiently.  Click here to see our rate schedule for prices.

Visa Services Information and Requirements for the most traveled Countries

Afghanistan Visa

Algeria Visa

Angola Visa

Argentina Visa

Australia Visa

Azerbaijan Visa

Bangladesh Visa

Belarus Visa

Bolivia Visa

Brazil Visa

Burkina Faso Visa

Burundi Visa

Cambodia Visa

Cameroon Visa

Cape Verde Visa

Central African Republic Visa

Chad Visa

Chile Visa

China Visa

Colombia Visa

Costa Rica Visa

Democratic Republic of Congo

Djibouti Visa

Egypt Visa

Eritrea Visa

Ethiopia Visa

Gabon Visa

Gambia Visa

Ghana Visa

India Visa

Indonesia Visa

Iran Visa

Iraq Visa

Ivory Coast Visa

Jordan Visa

Kazakhstan Visa

Kenya Visa

Kuwait Visa

Liberia Visa


Malawi Visa

Mali Visa

Mongolia Visa

Mozambique Visa

Myanmar Visa

Namibia Visa

Niger Visa

Pakistan Visa

Papua New Guinea

Peru Visa

Philippines Visa

Qatar Visa 

Republic of Congo

Republic of Guinea

Russia Visa

Saudi Arabia Visa

Sierra Leone Visa

South Korea Visa

South Sudan Visa

Sudan Visa

Suriname Visa

Taiwan Visa

Tanzania Visa

Thailand Visa

Togo Visa

Turkey Visa

Uganda Visa

Uzbekistan Visa

Venezuela Visa

Vietnam Visa

Zambia Visa

Zimbabwe Visa


Our professional visa services staff is always on duty to answer any question; call us at (202) 393-3030 if you have specific country questions.  You can contact us 24 hours a day.