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Passport FAQ

What forms do I need to submit to Washington Express Visas to have a passport expedited?

All packages mailed to Washington Express Visas must include the Passport Order Form, 2 copies of the Washington Express Visas Passport Authorization Form completed by hand, and the remaining required documents suitable for your passport application.

I have no more visa pages available, can I request to add pages to my passport?

Unfortunately, the passport office no longer offers adding pages as a service. Traveler’s who no longer have visa pages available must renew their passport. The passport office suggests that frequent travelers should opt for the 52-page book offered at the same price as the traditional 28-page book.

How soon can you expedite a passport?

We currently offer 5-day processing at the passport office.  Please click the subtopic applicable to your case on our  passport processing page for further details on service fees .

I have misplaced my passport how do I obtain another one?

To obtain a passport, applicants must start the process as if they were applying for a passport the first time. When applicants complete the passport application you must be as detailed as possible regarding how you lost/misplaced your passport. Please visit our lost/ stolen passport processing page for further details.

I believe someone stole my passport how do I obtain another one?

To obtain a passport, applicants must start the process as if they were applying for a passport the first time. Applicants must complete the passport application, and be as detailed as possible explaining how your passport was stolen. Please visit our lost/stolen passport processing page for further details.

My passport expired 15 years ago how do I renew it ?

Unfortunately, due to the time lapsed you must apply for a new passport versus renewal. You must appear in front of an acceptance agency to verify your identity. Please visit our new passport page for further details.

My child is a minor how do I go about obtaining a passport for him/her?

Minors must appear with their parents in front of an acceptance agency to confirm the minors identity. If only one parent can appear in front of the acceptance agency, then the absent parent must complete the Statement of Consent form, sign it, and have the document notarized accompanied with the remaining documents. Please visit our passport processing page for minors.

The Washington Express Visas Advantage

  • Washington, DC  base visa services.
  • We are an SSP (Single Source Provider) – Tracking capabilities and technologies that integrate our services.
  • Agent Expertise with the Embassies and Department of State.
  • Experience – 30 years experience in Washington, DC.
  • We provide all cash and other fees up front for you so there are no delays in processing.

With Washington Express Visas expedited service, one of our specially trained visa agents take your visa processing documents to the appropriate Embassy or agency and get your documents processed properly for less than traditional visa processing services charge.  Click here to see our rate schedule for prices.  Your documents can be picked up and returned directly to your office, or you can send them to Washington Express Visas via FedEx or UPS.

Forward Documents to:

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